"Keep finding out, don’t stick to what you already know. “In the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities, in the expert’s mind there are few.”

“I'm very in love with the fact that the camera is revolted by acting and loves behavior.” - Ben Kingsley



In film, the camera comes to you and your gestures and responses must be conveyed within an established frame. Your acting must be subtle, yet honest, energized, focused, real. 

Classes and Coaching sessions prepare the actor to audition with confidence and work in front of the camera with subtlety and skill.

Actors practice techniques that enable them to make specific choices about the character for the audition and to develop that character within a role. The work focuses on clarifying intention, exploring relationship, connecting to the material, making effective choices, and being fully present in the moment.

Sessions simulate film and TV auditions, and actors’ work is filmed and reviewed. Scenes are from current TV episodics, pilots, and films, and are chosen based on roles the actor would be called in to read for. 

THE SANTA FE ACTORS STUDIO holds classes Mondays 7 - 10 pm. in a private studio in Santa Fe NM. Class size is limited to 12 actors. Actors get ample time/attention to develop and expand their talents in the room. Work is recorded and reviewed, and a copy  of their work can be transferred to actors' flash drives.


1. Class is a safe and dynamic place for actors to learn, experiment, grow and take risks. A safe environment and constructive feedback allows all of us to grow and build confidence.  Please do not comment on others' work in class unless invited by the teacher.  

2. No commenting, talking or making noise while fellow actors are working.

3.  Consider class your audition/callback.  Be prepared and  ready to work on the material in a professional manner. Dress appropriate to your character (within reason). Socialize during the break or after class; the focus is on the actor working.

4.  Cell phones are off (or on silent) during class.  NO TEXTING please.  If there is an emergency or business-related situation, step out of class until you're finished.

5.  Come to class open, committed and passionate about your character and your work. Being a good artist requires hard work, focus and going beyond our comfort zones, which can at times feel foreign or uncomfortable, but is always worth the breakthrough that follows!


1.  Your spot in class is not guaranteed until you have sent in your deposit or full payment and received a confirmation from the studio.

2.  Your deposit/full payment is refundable up until one week prior to the beginning of the class.  After that you may use your payment toward the next round of classes.

3.  The balance of your tuition must be paid in full by the beginning of the first class, unless other arrangements have been made.  No exceptions.

4.  Excused absences include auditions, callbacks, and being on set; all other absences will be considered unexcused.  There are no refunds given.