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“Leslie is by far the most conscientious and compassionate acting coach I have ever had the honor to work with. Because of her I recently did 5 films back to back. She KNOWS the WAY to success. I applaud you, Leslie, and am so grateful to you for realizing it’s an INSIDE JOB! ...And did I mention she is one hell of an actress?”  - Laurene Landon, actor, Sky, All The Marbles, Hundra

"The praises I have for Leslie are countless. I hold her tutelage in the highest regard. Its importance to my career is immeasurable."  Beno Chapman, Actor, Gavin’s Way

"Leslie's coaching is extraordinary and unique and her soul and her beauty infectious."  - Michael Mantenuto, actor; Miracle

"Leslie is a rare and wonderful teacher whose heart is as big as her skills." - Mark Bryan, screenwriter; founder, Artist’s Way

"Leslie is one of the most passionate, inspiring individuals you can meet and propels students to levels once not believed possible. Saw and felt this firsthand. Highly recommend this to dedicated actors.” - Joseph Anton Carter, actor, filmmaker, Enjoya Film

"Working with Leslie not only got me into the school of my dreams, but inspired me to approach acting with an open heart and truthful reactions. I feel so lucky to have found such a coach!"  - Amber Kerner, NY Academy of Dramatic Arts

“Since studying with Leslie my confidence has grown tremendously, allowing me to perform to my fullest at auditions. I’ve booked three films and a commercial in three months! She's an exceptional coach and she’s taught me all the necessary elements of the business as well as the art. She always goes the extra mile to help. I highly recommend her!” - Nicole Chapman, actress