For high school student actors and filmmakers who want to learn how to act in front of the camera in video and film projects, class presents an overview of acting techniques any young film actor will need to work effectively and professionally. 

It covers the different genres of film, TV dramas, sit-coms and "dramedies" and students work with sides (scenes) from pilots and episodics currently being cast. This inspires actors to greater work and professionalism since they know they're participating in a very real process. Much of the work is filmed so actors can view their own work and improve their skills quickly. The workshop is fun, which Leslie believes is the fastest route to learning!

Actors work on film sets with young filmmakers, participating in the production of short dramatic and comedic films. They learn what goes on during a film shoot: the master shot, medium shot and close-up; camera blocking and "hitting the mark."; moment-to-moment acting, externalization of subtext, techniques for character development, scene breakdown, emotional and physical continuity, and "playing-to-the-camera." 

Actors develop a sense of confidence, poise and comfort working in front of the camera, as well as developing a personal acting style that is both practical and professional. 

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